Apple vs Google who to trust with your information?

By | July 4, 2016

Joe is really concerned about the privacy of his information. The recent talks of NSA listening to his conversations has made him really nervous. Normally he is known as a man of steel but his close ones know how paranoid he is about his privacy. For him only the people who he knows and trust get to know what he is thinking,feeling and taking action on. He doesn’t want that to change.

We think like Joe too but when it comes to two tech giants of the world , its really difficult to place your finger on the giant which respects your privacy more. But in the case of Apple and Google ..well not really

To understand which company respects your privacy more lets have a look at the revenue model of both these companies and understand how they make money.


Apple at the very core ( to it’s seeds actually.. hehe)  is a product based company. A product based company is a company that makes products and invents stuff. Then it sells these products to it’s customers.


Some of the Apple Products

To scale it down to a small level, think of Apple like a lemonade stand. On the lemonade stand are different variety of lemonades ( seriously?) which have been created by people working at the lemonade stand. Customers come. Pay for their lemonade and then do whatever the fuck they want with it. So lemonade is a product that a product based company – lemonade stand a.k.a Apple makes and gets revenue from it.

Apple is lemons


Google in itself is a very huge company. It has diverged into so many sectors that Google Search was recently announced to be under an umbrella called ALPHABET. But still at the very core Google has a advertisement based revenue model. In simple terms, it makes money by showing advertisements.

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To those who don’t know the advertisement model is very much based on the activities of the user. For example, a person stalks you for a week and finds that you daily visit a fruit store that is far away from you. Now he comes to your place and shows you these great fruits right at your house footsteps. You are more likely to buy these fruits because the stalker knows that you like fruits and are ready to go an extra mile for them. This is more advantageous to him than just cold approaching you even before knowing that you like fruits or not. To be honest, it is a win-win situation for both you but he is invading your privacy by stalking you.

In the same way Google tracks what kind of websites you visit, what kind of content you watch and on the basis of that it shows you relevant advertisements.

Flow of advertisements – Google has two programs called Google Adsense and Google Adwords .Advertisers go to Google Adwords which allows the advertisers to show their ads and Google Adsense is for different websites which can show these Ads and earn money when the visitors clicks on these ads. Google uses it’s deep learning algorithms to keep track of your movements and then shows you advertisements based on those movements.

Google Adsense and Adwords


If i was in the pants of Joe i would put my information in the hands of Apple rather than that of Google simply based on the fact that the revenue model of one promotes the gathering of information from it’s users and the other doesn’t. This for me puts the final nail in the coffin of Google.

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At the end of the day what Google does is show people what they want to see. Is it really that bad of a thing? Tell us your views in the comments below. If you like this article don’t forget to share it.

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