Want to write for one of the most popular tech blogs?

Hackstories is a techblog with over 2,00,000 views. Our mantra is keeping things simple and whenever we post something we are ready to sign our name at the bottom of that post. We are proud of what we create. Before you submit a guest post on hackstories, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.


This is a community blog, build by passionate tech enthusiasts like you. That is why, we always encourage the upcoming bloggers to contribute on hackstories community and write something original on this platform.

We have learned a lot from the internet. People have helped us through different phases and we have a learned a lot from them. I think it’s time that you and i give something back to the community. Don’t you think?

Here are some more reasons why writing on hackstories is a great idea –

  • We reach a huge amount of audience daily.
  • Our reach is also extended to various social platforms
  • We have an extensive email list of True Fans who will love your content.
  • You get a title of being a writer at hackstories.
    content_writer at hackstories

It has taken a lot of effort and 2 years of my professional life to build hackstories from the ground up. Therefore, I expect any contributor to maintain the same level of quality and authority that i have build over time.

How can you become a hackstories contributor?

  • Run over to the homepage and check out the articles we write. You will get a sense of what kind of articles we write and how they are structured.
  • Write articles that server the need of the readers
  • You have to be a passionate reader or a genuine blogger to write articles that interest the Hackstories community.
  • Here are the few categories that we accept articles from –
  1.  Technical tutorials and “How-to’s”
  2.  Latest Hacking and Technical News
  3.  Tech Humor
  4.  Tech inspiration – Giants that inspired a generation.
  5.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  6.  IOT – Internet of Things
  7.  Ethical Hacking tutorials ( how-to’s )

A few things to remember before you submit your blog post –

Articles – Makes sure the length of the article is greater than 600 words and original. No body likes an incomplete article.
Screenshots + Images – In every article make sure too include images. You can get amazing images from Flickr. If you are writing a tutorial, include relevant screenshot that can help the reader understand what you writing.

Contribute your post to Hackstories

If you have read and understood the guidelines mentioned above then you can write and your article on Word and send me the doc file on the email-  [email protected]

Make sure to include your name and title of the post in the subject of the email.

If the article need refinement we will get in touch with you through the same email. If you have any queries you can always contact us through our contact page.