Facebook Hacking : Toolkit that will blow your mind!

By | November 26, 2014

Facebook hacking is basically ways to manipulate this social network to our benefit. So today we are here with a tool that you definitely need to have!

Lets be honest here.If we had to choose one social giant that we all adore that would have to be Facebook.There is just one thing that on Facebook that makes it a pain in the ass to use is that i can’t get my message to all my friends at once.I have to send them some kind of request to like my page or message them one by one which is a HUGE time waster.

So today we are going to show you a tool that is developed Dinesh Bhosale.

Why you should use this tool?

1) This tool makes jobs that are tedious things on Facebook automatic

2) You can pull an awesome prank using it.

3) It’s great for marketing your stuff on Facebook as it allows you to do things like-

  • Add Facebook friends to group at once
  • Post in multiple groups at the same time
  • Invite all your friends to like your Facebook page

Some things You can do with this Google Chrome Extension:


Invite all your friends to like your Facebook page in single click

Now this is what i am talking about.When we start a new page,it just takes forever to invite for friends about it.We ain’t got time for that.Do we?

This great extension uses a script to invite all your friends to a Facebook Page.Hassle free!

Just a tip:It requires you to enter your Facebook id.You can get your Facebook id of page by going to your page and clicking on about me.

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Add all your friends to your Facebook Group in one click

When you have a shit load of friends like me ( yeah i am awesome 😛 ) it becomes extremely difficult to add of them to you fantastic Facebook group at once.But no more worries my friend this plugin has got your back!



Just a tip: You can get the Group id by going to the main group page right click and go to ‘view page source’ then search for ‘group_id=’ —  by pressing CTRL+F.That is the group Id.

Unlike all Facebook pages at once

Yeah this for you crazy bastards that like pages for no reason like billions of Facebook pages and then get shit all over your Facebook feeds (BTW don’t forget to like our Hackstories Facebook Page 😀 )



Suggest friends to themselves

(Due to recent facebook updates this prank doesn’t work but other things work fine)

Yeah you can actually do that.It’s great prank to pull on all your friends and even impress the ladies 😛



How to use this tool?

This plugin easy to use. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps listed below.

  1. Download and install Facebook Social Toolkit form chrome web store ( Download link below you will have to unlock it. )
  2. Log in into your Facebook account
  3. Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on Facebook social toolkit icon

[sociallocker id=”975″]




  1. No Facebook bans and no data is saved by the extension.
  2. You can suggest your friends to themselves for any number of times without getting blocked or reported.
  3. Extension is 100% free and it works with all Facebook accounts.
  4. You can use this extension on infinite number of accounts.
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That’s all players.

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And yeah one more thing..


4 thoughts on “Facebook Hacking : Toolkit that will blow your mind!

  1. SwanDee

    the script said “Friend List Extraction is not complete”. How to solve the problem? Do I need to buy the premium?

  2. Stone kimberly

    I’ve just used this hackers services and he’s a legit hacker, he can handle social network hacks, emails,cloning,tracking ,spying and school grade hacks, he’s actually the real deal, I was initially skeptical as I already got scammed before but he did come through. You can mail him via

    asianhackgod000 AT GMAIL DOT COM


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