Get Free Twitter Followers : The Ultimate hack

By | January 11, 2015

Today i am going to tell you how I increased my Twitter Followers from 1 to 1000 in 35 minutes and how you can do it too. Need a proof? Click here

The cool thing about this hack is

  • You don’t need to have any understanding of any programming language.
  • This will not only help you to get free twitter followers but also increase likes on Facebook but also increase Facebook shares,increase likes,twitter followers,YouTube subscribes and a lots of other shit.

In this age we teenagers really want to have a social influence to increase our popularity and status. This hack really focuses on that and if you don’t want this.FUCK OFF.

The Problem

I had no idea where to start so i just interviewed (bugged them till they told me to fuck off) really famous people on Twitter as to ‘What was their secret to getting so many followers on Twitter?’

They all gave some pretty cool answers but they were all focused on long term and i wanted a quick solution for me. A solution that could be implemented instantaneously.

Add me fast

I Google’d around and found this site called


How does it work?
1) It works on point basis so its FREE.
2) The more points you get=more likes you get.Period.

For example if you like someone’s post on Facebook through addmefast OR you like a YouTube video through addmefast you get about 6 points and you can utilize these 6 earned points to gain likes on

You can do lots of other things in it but that is beyond the scope of this article but you should go and signup right now. The best thing is you get 100 daily bonus points and up to 100 points at start.Hurrah!

Note: Don’t forget to confirm the registration of addmefast by going to the email you provided during registration and verifying the link in the email send to you by addmefast.

The problem with addmefast and how i tackle it

The problem with it is that you can’t like a post on Facebook quickly so you have to earn points slowly and it can take you months just to get a 1000 likes and who the fuck would even want to spend so much time liking stupid pages or spam your YouTube account with some shit load amount amount likes. This would would just piss off your friends.

So to tackle this

1) I made a fake Facebook id.
I had planned to use this fake id to like Facebook posts on a massive level and i didn’t want my original Facebook id spammed by liking useless Facebook stuff.


2) I used a combination of  Firefox and a script to automate the process of liking posts on Facebook.

Firefox Add on-iMacros

Add on are things that are added to your browser to increase its functionality and give it powers that originally didn’t existed.
iMacros (click on it to download) is such an add on.It helps automate tasks on Firefox.

So i first installed Firefox (click on it to download) on my laptop and then iMacros on Firefox.

Finding the Script

As script could be easily added to iMacros so i found a script in wild that would easily help me in the task of automating the process of liking posts on Facebook with my Fake Facebook id through addmefast.

You can download that script named “” here.

Final executing

Extract the zip file and you will have 2 files.

As we have made a fake Facebook account we are going to use the first file but if want you can make a fake YouTube account with some new email and use the second file. Both work really well.

Now i copied the downloaded script file inside the Macros folder
folder. You can find this folder at -“My Document > iMacros > Macros”

Path to imaros folder

Then i started my Firefox browser and followed these steps-

1) Went to and & logged in to both my accounts.
2) Clicked on the iMacros Icon on The Firefox Toolbar which can be found on top-right corner of Firefox.
3) Clicked on “FB-Likes.js”  (It is  shown on the left of the screen)
4) Clicked on Play

5) Then wait.Don’t touch anything.
6) Let the script run,in the mean while i go and have coffee.
(You can work on a different browser in the mean while if you want but don’t touch Firefox)

7)When i came back i saw that i have collected 627 points and after taking my daily bonus the points went up to 777.Now i was ready to get some free followers on twitter.

Note : If you are getting ” Oops! Something went wrong. You are closing the popUp too fast. ” error. Run the script again. This updated script calibrates itself according to the speed of your internet.

Adding the site

To add my Twitter account to addmefast i followed these steps-
1) Opened my addmefast account
2) Clicked on My sites
3) Clicked on Type and chose the option “Twitter Followers”
4) Enter your twitter username

To get your username:

-Go to your Twitter profile.
-In the URL you will see your username after


twitter username


5) Entered the CPC (Cost per Click) as 7
So each time someone follows me on twitter 7 points are deducted from my account.

Just a tip: CPC as 7 works best for me but if you have less points then you can enter CPC as 5 and if you have a lot of points then you can enter CPC as 9 or even 10.The advantage of entering a high CPC rate is that you get followers more quickly

Addmefast free Twiter followers

6) Click on ‘Save Changes’ and see your followers skyrocket!

Just a tip: You can add many accounts at the same time and get free twitter followers on all of them at the same time.

Buying Twitter Followers

I have already told you how to get free Twitter followers but if you need a lot of Twitter in a very short amount of time you can also buy points from points from addmefast and use them to increase your Twitter followers.

To buy points:

-First register on Addmefast

-Open your account

-Go to Buy points

Buy Twitter Followers on Addmefast

If you are confused and would like some help or if just want to say thanks just comment below and we will get back to you.

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  1. Dominic

    I tried the macro but the Addmefast site is saying popups are being closed too fastand because of that I am not able to see the points increment. The points are still 50


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