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By | June 30, 2016

Meet Joe. He is a student who wants to do an internship in some place cool but doesn’t have the right tools and knowledge thus the confidence to find an internship in a foreign country. He is a very hard working college student but needs some guidance. Not to mention that he is broke as fuck.


This is me about a year ago. I saw this awesome internship in ‘Machine Learning – Computer Science’ at John Hopkins University but didn’t have the required skills yet to apply for it. Deep down i knew that i was capable of doing it but just needed some guidance about how this machine learning thingy works. I stumbled upon this website called Coursera.

Coursera is a platform where you can learn different skills after paying some amount of money ( ill teach you how to do these online courses for free) and get a certificate after completing that course, not to mention the valuable projects that you will be making on the way.

Machine Learning Certificate on my linkedin profile

Machine Learning Certificate on my linkedin profile

It has courses related to –

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Speaking skills
  • Management skills
  • Development skills

I want to educate you about the financial aid this website provides to students who are broke as fuck. Exactly like you and me.

How to apply for financial aid?

1) Make an account on You can do this quickly by clicking on ‘Sign Up’ and clicking on ‘Sign up using Facebook’. This literally takes seconds.

2) Choose the topics you are interested in and then click on continue.

3) Now for example you are interested in doing a course on ‘Song Writing’ then search for that in the Coursera search bar on top.

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songwriting course on coursera
4) Scroll down the page and at the left hand side you will an option to apply for financial aid box. Click on “Learn more and apply”. Sometimes in specialization courses the box is on the right hand side.

free online course - financial aid

5) On the next page you will be asked the details that will actually verify that you need the course for free or not. Fill them up honestly.

Here are the answers i gave (for reference only)-

What is your annual income in USD?

Which country are you currently located in?

Please describe your financial need and explain the specific circumstances that motivate your request for financial aid. (50-300 words)
I love song writing and one day want to get into the Berkley College of Music. That requires specific set of skills that i cant get through this course. In India parents pay for their children’s education.
My parents have already taken a loan for my studies and i can’t ask them for more money. It will really help me out if can do this course for free.w

Please tell us why you are taking this course. What is your interest in this field? How would a Course Certificate be valuable to you? (50-300 words)
I already sing songs and writing songs seems to be the next step for me. These kind of courses aren’t available at my college. This course would help immensely in my growth as a song writer. A course certificate would allow me to get into the college of my dreams and pursue my passion.

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When participating in this course, how do you intend to demonstrate academic integrity and contribute to the course’s community? (50-300 words)
I will do all the quizzes and assignments on time. I will demonstrate integrity and contribute to the community by –
-Posting in forums
– Helping other people out with their problems.

6) Then click on the check button and Submit the Application.

email confirmation

That’s pretty much it! After some time you will get an email of confirmation and you will be enrolled for this course and you can then take it from there.

The End

Don’t forget to put up this certificate while applying for the internship in your CV/Resume.
That’s it people. Hope you found this article on how to do an online course on Coursera for free useful. Remember you can also you this same concept to apply for any kind of course.If didn’t understand any of the steps above you might want to watch this video.

If you have any doubts or you just want to thank us ( this is what keeps us going) , comment below and we will love to get back to you.

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