Hack Windows Password: No more fake shit

By | December 26, 2014

I am going to tell you how to hack windows 8/7/XP and even MAC OSX password.

Bypass and Hack Windows Password

Warm Up

Why do you need to hack windows password?

I don’t know. You tell me. I hope it’s for good purposes such as helping out people who have forgotten their windows password or may be to boast to your friend or i don’t know impress a girl? I don’t care honestly.

Why am i writing this article?
Before writing this post i tried Google’ng for posts that have good info on windows hacking. I discovered most of them were full of shit and outdated. That is why i decided to write this post on hacking passwords of all version of windows. Yes all of them.Widows 8/7/XP/blablabla

What we are going to do?

We are going to bypass and thus hack the windows8 /windows7/XP  login password. You know that son of a bitch screen which tells us that “The password that you have entered is incorrect” . Yeah now you can tell it to suck it.After using this software you can enter anything as your password and it will take you to desktop. Thus we are not going to recover any passwords but we are going to bypass the login authentication of windows.

Getting started

How are we going to do it?


We are going to use a software called Kon-Bootv2.4. Now i am giving you the direct download link of it so you can download it for free. Because this software is premium. But  i must tell you that this software is good that you should probably buy it in respect to it’s creaters.

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Links updated on : December, 2015

Direct Download link (free) 

Kon-Boot official Download (Paid)  (This is their original site so no chance in hell that it has spyware or any weird stuff in it)

Installing KonBoot

Installing it is pretty easy. I am going to tell you how to install it on a USB as it’s the best because you can carry around your USB stick and insert it whenever you want to hack somebodies windows password.


1) Insert an empty pendrive/USB stick/FlashDrive (Just format it if it’s not empty)

2) Go to the folder where KonBootv2.4 is downloaded and double click on KonBootInstaller.exe

3) If their is a warning click on Run anyway

4)  Make sure you have only attached the USB on which KonBoot has to installed then click OK

konboot options

5) Now at the bottom there is a drop down box called “Available  USB Drives” open it and click on the option showing.

6) Now click on the option saying “Install to USB Stick (with EFI support )” then click on YES

7) Then a command window will open and you will have to wait. After completing the installation it will give you a confirmation message which means you have installed KonBoot correctly and your USB is stick is now bootable.

How to use this USB stick to hack windows password?


1)  Take this USB stick and put it on any system that has password on windows. If you have forgotten your windows password then install KonBoot from any other system to your pendrive and then insert it into your system.

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2) Restart your computer and make sure you are booting from your USB drive.

To make sure you are booting from your USB drive

  • Reboot the system.

  • While booting (before Windows starts loading), get into the BIOS configuration screen by hitting something like F1, F2, Delete or Escape. Hotkey instructions are generally provided on the screen.

  • Go to the section that contains your boot devices.

  • With your USB drive plugged in, the USB drive should be listed. If it isn’t, your system might not support booting from USB. Assuming that it is supported (as is the case with virtually all modern hardware), promote your USB drive to the primary boot device.

  • Make sure Legacy Mode is Enabled and Safe Booting is Disabled. (Ignore if this option is not their)
    Bios USB Booting
  • Exit from the BIOS configuration, saving all changes.

Just a tip : If you are not able to boot from your USB stick for any reason just check this link- Boot USB drive . Making USB bootable might be difficult for new users therefore i have given enough links so that might do it correctly.

3 ) After saving settings in BIOS . Just let the computer start. A Kon Boot screen will come up. Let it do it’s magic.

4) After sometime it will take you to your Login screen.

5) Choose the account which has administrator privileges given to it and enter any rubbish as your password. It doesn’t matter what you enter because KonBoot will bypass this.

6) After you are Logged in go to the control panel and reset the password ( It won’t ask for the old password )

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That’s all players. Hope you like this windows password hack.



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  1. Sabrina

    Nice tutorial! There is another software – PCUnlocker Live CD, it can either reset lost Windows password, or bypass the logon just the similar way as Kon-boot.

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