Google Prank – Let me Google that for you Bitch!

By | April 18, 2014

Have you ever been asked a question and you were like just “Duh! Just Google that” ?
If you don’t live under the rock then you definitely have. I am a security researcher and i like helping people who have tech related problems.

But still there are some questions where i am like “Just Google that dude,the answer to it is all over the internet”. Telling people that out flatly, is pretty offensive (i still do it anyways) but if you have a friend (girlfriend) and you want to humor him, just tell him that wait a second ass “Here Let me Google that for you”

Google Prank

YES! You just give him the link which i am going to reveal and his mouse moves and THAT SHIT automatically gets typed on Google.Interesting Google Prank huh?

To see an example of this google prank see this link :

Steps to do it:

1) First decide what you want to Google. For example lets say you want to type “Stories that matter” on Google automatically.
2)Type “Stories that matter” in the frame shown below (Beneath the ‘Let me Google that for you’ picture)
3)Click on Google search. It will create a link.
4)You can shorten that link too by clicking on “shorten” button.
5)Then to test that link paste it on your browser’s URL and press enter.
6)Send it to your friend and chuckle at his amazed face.


The End

Your appreciation really gets us going.
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