Nokia makes a comeback with a new android phone!

By | August 11, 2016

Nokia’s phones to try a new flavor of Android.

All of us have lived through a generation where Nokia phones ruled the mobile industry. Be it smart phones or the basic models, Nokia was everyone’s top choice. They said it was tough, it was reliable and it looked really good.

The death of Nokia

Days passed.

Greater advancements in mobile technology, new brands emerged, older brands started to make a comeback and a golden era of Nokia came to an end. It was running out of money. It was hard to stay afloat and they had to find someway to survive. So it sold itself to Microsoft.

Nokia marries HMD and makes a comeback

How’d you feel if we told you that Nokia was coming back. Mobile phones with the original Nokia feel. Excited much?! Well HMD a new Finnish company has acquired the intellectual and branding rights from Nokia technologies. HMD Global’s website states “HMD global founded to create new generation of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets.”

HMD has conditionally agreed to acquire the rights from Microsoft to use Nokia branding on its smart phones.

Nokia comeback android

Now starts a count down to this winter. The word is out that two smart phones from HMD will be released with Nokia branding. A metallic design and the famous Nokia feel. The phones will be equipped the latest Nougat OS from Android. Well yes, you heard me. Android from Nokia.

A fingerprint sensor and a highly sensitive camera sensor are supposedly a part of the new package. Lately with European Union giving a grant of 1.35 billion USD to Nokia to develop graphene, which is described as a super-material, and with the work Nokia has been doing on it ,the imaging sensor maybe one of the most sensitive one ever to be found on a Nokia phone.

The two phones which are being marketed as sturdy and robust, will be water and dust resistant as well. The smaller of the two phones will use a 5.2 inch screen and the larger on will show off a 5.5 inch screen. Though resolution hasn’t been confirmed,it has been reported that a QHD(2,560×1,440 pixel) display will be adopted.

Nokia New Phones

The phones are believed to offer an enhanced version of Nokia’s Z-Launcher interface, which tries to learn how we use the smart phone and adapt itself accordingly.

The Z Launcher which was a part of Nokia N1 tablet widely emphasizes the use of gestures for navigation; users can search for applications or contacts by tracing letters onto the device’s screen.

Release Dates

The possible date of release would be at the end of 2016, but considering long time it takes for development and testing, the date of release might be shifted to 2017. So if you have plans to buy a new phone,these phones might be something you could consider.

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