5 psychology hacks media is using to manipulate you

By | July 7, 2016

It takes a lot to see the world in a different perspective. Maybe the things we see around us are not normal..may be they are made so as to fit our reality. Manipulated by others. We buy and use a lot of things in our daily lives. From buying watches to consuming content on the internet, a lot is controlled by the media and publishers. We see what they want us to see. We feel what they want us to feel.

Isn’t it weird that companies like Buzzfeed always get their content to go viral? It isn’t by luck or chance, as many would like us to believe. It is based on a lot of research,planning and detailed implementation that gets them viral.
Here are some creepy ways in which companies use science as a marketing tool

1) Watches – If go to Google Image search and google the word “watches” you will see all the watches have a time of 10:10. Or if you go into a good showroom all watches will have time 10:10 or 10:09 on them. Watch companies like having this time because if you look closely it forms a smile which a positive reinforcement for the customer. He feels happy when he looks at these watches and wants to buy them.

2) Headlines – You are scrolling down your Facebook feed and suddenly you see this post and without thinking much you click it instantly. These kind of behaviors are triggered mostly by headlines that surprise you,awaken your curiosity or are too negative. In short it tingles some kind of emotion in you. A turmoil which results in you losing the battle and clicking on that link. this happens in seconds. Learn more about it here

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3) Storytelling – On of the most important traits of a viral YouTube video or an article is telling a story. Researchers have found out that people have a very short attention span that can be elongated by telling details that are boring in the form of a story. From the time we are little, our mothers and grandmothers tell stories every night and we sleep peacefully. We have learned in our unconscious mind that stories are interesting. Further when we hear a story we form pictures in our mind and see the words as a movie which deepens our interest in what the person has to say. Below is one of the best example i ever have seen on telling a story. It is a commencement speech give by Steve Jobs at Stanford.


4) Social Proof – This is the condition in which an individual is forced to conform to the ideas of a group becasue the group has more social influence than him. For example, lets say a group is debating whether yellow umbrellas are better or black ones. If everyone in the group says black ones are better there is a very high change that if a new member joins that group he will also say that the yellow one is good. This is because the black umbrella has the social proof of the group. Saying that the yellow umbrella is better is going against the group.
If you want to see this in action you can watch the funny video below in which they perform a conformity test. Everybody stands in the elevator in the opposite direction. Due to peer pressure the individual conforms to the group.

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Companies use this psychology hack in the form of testimonials/reviews on websites.The advertisements on television that show a group of people are using the product and are happy with it. Sometimes they also show a celebrity who is of higher status than us using the product which leads us to believe that the product must be really good.

5) FOMO – Fear of missing out. We always want to be up to date with everything that is in fashion. For example a lot of people watch Game of Thrones just because they want to be part of a group and not miss out on the jokes and other discussion related to it. Companies and media uses this fear mostly through social networks to instill the idea of missing out in us.

“If you miss out, you won’t be part of the cool crowd”


These Psychology hacks are very powerful tools that media and companies use to make you buy their shit. Now as you know about them, you can finally protect yourself and make an intelligent and independent decision as a consumer.

Which one of the above psychology fascinated you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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