5 whatsapp hacks for small businesses

By | July 5, 2016

Greg is an entrepreneur and he continuously looks for ways to grow his business. This keeps him on his feet and thinking about different ways he could reach more of his potential audience. More ways to market his product.

Be known. Be seen. Be everywhere

He likes talking to his customers as if they were his people and get to know them on a closer level. He also gets to know what they dislike and like about his product because he understands that customer feedback is the most valuable feedback that any entrepreneur can get. In his research of finding the perfect platform he stumbles on a goldmine called whatsapp. He always used it to stay in contact with his friends but had never thought about using whatsapp for business until a friend showed him some of the whatsapp hacks that he could implement right away to get a boost in the overall growth of his business.

5 whatsapp hacks and tricks to grow and understand your business

Now we are going to discuss some strategies and whatsapp hacks that Greg used to see a powerful growth and stabilty in his business.

1 – Whatsapp status
Use your whatsapp status to drive traffic to your website by putting LINK of the website as your whatsapp status. If you are just starting out this is a great way to tell the world and your friends that “Hey i have come. Here is what i have created and i am proud of it.” This combined with tips 2nd and 3rd becomes a very powerful branding tool for the product/website that you have created.

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Whatsapp hacks - Put status
2 – Business number
Many people make the mistake of mixing their personal whatsapp accounts and business whatsapp accounts. This is a very bad business practice. It leads to confusion and less focus on whats important. Imagine talking to a customer and in between your girlfriend messages you. Tricky situation eh? If you have a single mobile and can’t do two numbers at the same time, try out our 3rd tip.

“Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” – Winston Churchill

3 – Parallelize everything
If you have a situation where you have a problem of implementing the 3rd tip or just in general you want to login into two accounts ( Facebook maybe?) at the same time then there is this app for android called Parallel Space. It create a multi screen system in which on one screen you can use your usual Whatsapp account and on another different account. Parallel Space allows you to create multi-accounts.

Android App - Parellel Space

4 – Groups
This a very powerful feature of whatsapp that if you use correctly will help you stay in touch with your valuable customers or ..super customers.. as i like to call them. Super customers because these are the users that will shape the future of your company. You will be able to change your product as per the needs of the customers. What i recommend doing is making a group of people that have used your services. Don’t force anyone to join in. Message them and write “Hey i think we might be able to help you and others better by combining all of you in a whatsapp group. So i am adding you to our xyz group. Is it cool?” That simple.

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Now when you want a feedback. Just write something along the lines of ” Hey guys i am implementing this new feature in xyz! Would you guys like that?” Then depending on the feedback you can make changes your customers want.

Whatsapp group meme
5 – Customer Support
Your customers are always going to be bumping into problems and it is your and your customer support’s job to troubleshoot their problems. Using whatsapp for troubleshooting makes it easier for you and your customer to interact on the go and sort out their problems with ease. Further, both of the parties can also use free whatsapp call feature if their is need to interact further.


Whatsapp is a normal tool which only becomes great when the person using it understands how to exploit the full potential it. Hope these Whatsapp hacks or call them whatsapp tricks if you will, help you point in the right direction or at least give a push in the right direction.

How do you plan to integrate whatsapp into your business? Tell us in the comments below.

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